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Roben's 70th Birthday Party
Christopher's 60thBirthday Party
combined with a
Family & Friends Reunion

Colesberg 9th February, 2008



Two years ago our cousin Paddy Holdcroft organised a family reunion. She said that the only time the family got together these days was at weddings and funerals, and there were not many weddings. At the funerals people often remarked how much the departed would have enjoyed the get together, so Paddy wanted to enjoy her wake while she was still alive. We all enjoyed the reunion very much, and chatted to people we had not seen for many years.

Last year Margie's school friend Denise had her 60th birthday, and invited her friends and colleagues, including Margie and I, to her birthday party at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. We went down for the party, which we thoroughly enjoyed, and then joined Christopher and Birgit for a tour of the Northern Cape, visiting the Namaqualand wild flower Park, Aughrabies and Verneuk Pan.

Roben's 70th birthday is on the 8th of February 2008, Christopher's 60th was on the 19th of November 2007. We would like to have a combined birthday party and family reunion to celebrate. The 8th is a Friday, so the idea would be to have the party in the evening of the 9th. Christopher and Birgit are booked to arrive in Johannesburg on the 5th February, and will be in Colesberg in good time, d.v.


Colesberg and Gariep Dam are reasonably central in SA, which will make it easier for everybody to get here. Other thoughts include the possibility of going to the Golden Gate National Park.

Roben has spoken to the most suitable venue in Colesberg  Vanzylsvlei Motel  and they would be happy to organise something. They have accomodation for anybody who wants to arrive early, or leave late at R130 per person sharing per night, plus R35 for breakfast. They say if more than 20 people book they will provide the breakfast free.

Our ideas are fluid at the moment. It might be a thought to have a braai for early arrivers on the Friday evening, for example. Another thought is to have the function at the Gariep Dam Nature Reserve, or at the Gariep Dam Resort. The Nature Resort has a number of chalets on a peninsula in the dam, which accommodate 4 or 6 people, and there are two or three places there which could host the party. The Resort also has chalets, and a restaurant. Roben could possibly arrange a tour of the dam wall. Sailing, paddling and/or waterskiing on the dam are also possibilities. However, the idea is less to provide an action-filled weekend, more for folk to meet up again and exchange plans, news and memories. (Some members of the family have been known to get into the Orange at Norvalspont and paddle down to Hopetown....)

Roben will be adding a page to his website - - giving details as things develop and things to do in Colesberg etc.


We are hoping that it will be an enjoyable and memorable occasion and would like it very much if you could join us. It would help very much with the planning if we could get a rough idea of how many people are likely to be able to come. Please let Roben know by the end of November whether or not you are likely to come and, if possible, how many people will be with you. Any thoughts about venue or a Friday braai or a visit to Gariep Dam wall or other activites are also welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Love from Roben, Margie and David
               Christopher, Birgit, Catherine & Caroline.


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