New Year 2016


As you may have heard we have decided to sell Tzamenkomst.

As a result of this the year has been very unsettled, with many ups and downs.

The year started of well when we went up to fetch Christopher and Birgit in Johannesburg. Dennis & Elise Tait kindly offered us the use of their home away from home near Hartebeespoort Dam – Banyan Bay. We were able to do bit of touring while we were there seeing the Cradle of Mankind Museum at Sterkfontein and a Tutankhamun exhibition near Krugersdorp.

Richard de Vos from our neighbouring farm Quaggasfontein had offered to buy Christophers portion of Elands Rivier, which we had been using thanks to Christopher, and after some discussion he decided to accept the offer. This had a considerable effect on our farming operation and after various discussions with David, Christopher and Richard de Vos we decided to sell Tzamenkomst to Richard de Vos. For my details look at or go to our website, and open the “Tzamenkomst Farewell” page.

The rest of the year has been ups and downs. As you can see from our website the sale has not been fully finalised yet. If all goes according to plan we will hand over the farm house at the end of March. Richard has taken occupation of the farm, and is paying occupational rental.

While Christopher and Birgit were here for the second time in September and October we had a very welcome albeit short visit from the Taits, Iola, Dennis, Elise and Sharon.

Rosemary and her partner Mike visited her family in Cape Town. While they were there Christopher, Birgit and David went to Cape Town and visited them. Christopher also had some business with the Deeds Office in Cape Town. He also did some shopping & bought a drone. Birgit flew home and Caroline flew in to Cape Town, and came back with them. They climbed Sjineeshoed, and filmed the climb with the drone.

We had a welcome visit from Rosemary and Mike before their return to the UK.

We had our usual welcome break at Cintsa in June. On the way we spent some time at Mountain Zebra National Park, where we met John & Patsy Edden, the third time we have met them unexpectedly at our favourite park!

Since then we have been mostly busy with packing up three generations accumulation of furniture etc, and deciding which to keep, which to sell and which to give or throw away.

We have visited Bloemfontein, and I have bought a hearing aid. It has been reasonably succesful, but I have a lot of learning to do before I can use it to its full potential. It may also need further tuning by the Audiologist.

If Tzamenkomst has memories for you, and you would like to visit before it is handed over please let me know.