The History of 'tZamenkomst

'tZamenkomst is a farm on the Seacow River in the District of Colesberg, South Africa. It was originally granted to van der Walt in 1836. It was bought by H C van Zijl in July 1842 and has been in the van Zyl family ever since.

A note of explanation - van Zijl is the original Dutch spelling of our surname, and van Zyl the Afrikaans spelling.

H C van Zijl settled his son Johan Wilhelm on 'tZamenkomst. On 24th January 1888 Johan Wilhelm married Emma Katie Weakley. They had six children. The eldest son Johan Wilhelm took over the farm after the death of his father on 4th October 1908. He married Doris Doble nee Rutter late in life. They had no children, but Doris had three children - Leslie, Kieth and Heather.

After his death in November 1974 the farm passed into the hands of Christopher Anthony van Zyl, youngest son of Benjamin van Zyl, youngest son of Johan Wilhelm van Zijl Sr. Christopher farmed with his wife Ute (known as Dassie - born Nieswandt) for 18 months. He then moved to Fort Beaufort as a senior lecturer in Land Survey at the University of Fort Hare. They had two children, Catherine and Carolin, and moved to Dresden in 198x, where Christopher worked as a Professor in the Survey department of the Hochcshule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft. To our great sorrow Ute died in January 1991. In June 2004 Christopher married Birgit Schmallfuss. Birgit has three sons Sascha, Ivo and Roman.

Herbert George, the second son of Benjamin then took over the farm. He farmed until his death in January 1982 with his wife Margaret Wenda Bensted-Smith. They had four children, Sandra, Gaynor, Diana and Rosemary. Wendy married again to Dr. David Perkins. They spent some time in Australia. After their return David got a post at a hospital in Zululand. He died in 200 . Wendy now lives in Cape Town

Johan Roben van Zijl, the eldest son of Benjamin van Zijl, then took over the farm, and still lives there with his wife Margaret (known as Margie - born Adam) and son David Roben. Their daughter Anne lives in Johannesburg with her husband Micheal Munro and their children Joshua and Ruth. Anne, who has qualified with a CIS, has a business Munro Company Suppport which offers company secretarial services. David managed 'tZamenkomst until it was sold to Q-Safaris. He now runs Seacow Enterprises.

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