van Zijl Family News - 2009

April 2009

In February Christopher and Birgit came to visit. Because Margaret was having problems with her back and knee, and Christopher had fallen down his icy basement steps, breaking a rib, we decided not to go on the trip we were planning. Christopher and Birgit spent the month with us. We went to the Glascow Pont Hotel in Norvalspont for my birthday, and had an excellent meal there. We enjoyed it so much that we went there again and had another thoroughly enjoyable meal there.  The food is good, and the host very affable. Christopher spent quite a lot of time (and money) fixing the worst leaks in the farmhouse roof. We have had good rains since they left, and the difference was very noticeable - thank you very much Christopher. In fact we have had good rains for most of the season. The veld is very green so we look forward to a good winter. The Elands River has flowed several times, and the Seacow river quite heavily once.

Our Rotary Club hosted the annual Presidents and Officers Elect Training Seminar for Rotary District 9320 again this year, and this kept Margaret and I very busy for a while. I did the registrations, and Margaret was heavily involved with the catering

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