van Zijl family - Christmas 2017

I had a farm in Africa - Karen Blixen (Out of Africa).

As most of you know already we have sold the farm.

We are still in a daze from the speed with which things have moved, and are now dealing with the aftermath.

We have bought a house in a Retirement Village in Bloemfontein (57 Stellenryk, 5 Maarten Street, Universitas, Bloemfontein) because there is better access to all sorts of facilities there especially medical. We have moved everything we are keeping from the farm. David has some of it, but a lot of it is in our house in town. We thought it better to combine the move from the farm and the move to Bloemfontein rather than get everything settled in Colesberg, but this of course has its own problems.

We have been moving piecemeal because we are selling our house in Colesberg. We need to set it up for sale, so are spending quite a lot of time there.

My niece Rosemary married Mike Round in June, and did me the honour of asking me to walk her down the aisle, so we went on a tour of England and Europe in June. We were there for two months, which we thoroughly enjoyed especially the wedding.

We decided to make a tour of it since we were going there, which I have added to the Tzamenkomt website. I have also updated the History of Tzamenkomst on the Tzamenkomst website, so you can read all about these things there