'tZamenkomst was bought by H C van Zyl in 1842 and has been in the van Zyl family ever since. It is at present owned by Johan Roben van Zijl, the great grandson of H C van Zyl, and was run by his son David Roben van Zijl. Roben and  Margaret Dorothy van Zijl live in an old family house in Colesberg. This house was Aunt Hermy's home for many years.

We are in the process of selling Tzamenkomst. David is moving on to pastures new, some of which will be reported on in our new venture Seacow Enterprises

Roben and Margaret are both members of the Rotary Club of Colesberg.

The Portrait is of J W van Zijl, Roben's grandfather, who farmed 'tZamenkomst for many years.

The picture is of the pool on the Seacow River nearest the homestead. The house can be seen in the background.

"van Zijl" is the original Dutch spelling of the surname. Many members of the family use the Afrikaans spelling "van Zyl".